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Restaurant 17

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A place like Restaurant 17 defies simple description. The relaxed atmosphere is reminiscent of traditional European bistros. The cuisine reflects the surrounding countryside—but with a level of creativity only extraordinary chefs can claim. And its beautiful setting is the clear root for the restaurant’s modern, place-driven perspective. It all adds up to an experience that brings people together over tables of authentic, thoughtful food and drink. Signup for our newsletter to learn all about upcoming events and exclusive promotions!


An Inspiring Location

An Inspired Dining Experience

An Ode to Tradition


In the Restaurant 17 kitchen, two priorities distinguish the cuisine: location and technique. Ingredients arrive daily from farms, fields and rivers—most just a few miles away. The nationally-acclaimed culinary team elevates these local, seasonal ingredients with a combination of classical training and time-honored techniques like pickling, curing and fermenting. Our progressive approach results in dishes that taste both ambitious and authentic.

A Meal that Draws You In

An Experience That Keeps You Coming Back

Your Neighborhood Restaurant


Restaurant 17 is the meeting place for many different occasions. Weekly family dinners around a big table. Drinks with friends after work. Romantic dinners toasting milestone anniversaries. The celebrated cuisine draws people from across the region—and the warm hospitality invites them to return, again and again. We hope that Restaurant 17 becomes part of your own routine the way our local ingredients and community have become part of ours.